Smart Cupper™

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Are you looking for a way to relieve muscle pain, soreness, and fatigue in a comfortable, easy and fast way?

The Smart Cupper is a multifunctional dynamic cupping massager, combining dynamic suction & red light therapy in one device. It's an incredible recovery tool for pain management and myofascial releaseETHOS™ Smart Cupping Massager PRO

With 12 modes of intensity and heat, it serves as your personal massage therapist and tailors the massage to your own needs. A perfect choice for both - professional and home use.

What are the benefits of cupping therapy? 

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine used to help with pain, inflammation, circulation, blood flow, relaxation, overall well-being, and can be used as a deep tissue massage.

What is the difference between smart and traditional cupping?

The Smart Cupper™ brings all of the benefits from traditional cupping to the table, but also includes built-in red light and dynamic heat therapy, to improve blood flow and circulation which will relieve muscle fatigue and help you recover faster. The rechargeable and small design allows you to use the device anywhere, even in the comfort of your own home.

Suitable for your entire body.

Whether you feel pain in your back, neck, legs, arms, shoulders, or chest. The smart cupper is your all around device, designed to help you handle the pain with ease.

By using this innovative massager, you will be able to relax your tired and sore muscles, release fascia, accelerate your blood circulation and speed up your recovery process.

How does it work?

Cupping uses a cup to pull an area of skin into a suction that decompresses muscles and connective tissue. This promotes blood flow to the compromised area, enhances circulation and helps to increase the body's own healing processes — almost like a backward deep tissue massage. This has been proven to reduce cellulite, inflammation, scar tissue, headaches, knots, aches, and improve blood flow to enhance your recovery.

HexoMassage™ - Smart Vacuum Cupping Device - Hexo Care International

Using the advanced PI conduction heating technology, it can heat up to the desired temperature rapidly (100.4℉-122℉/38-50). The heating element can efficiently break down the excess lactic acid in the muscles and relieve muscle pains. You can choose the correct suction that suits your needs with the 1-12 level adjustable suction control.

Tradition meets technology

Compared to traditional cupping, the smart cupper comes with built-in heating controls and red light therapy, making sure your body and skin gets the perfect treatment.

The rechargable and small design allows you to use the device anywhere, even in the comfort of your own home.

Compact and Portable

The compact size makes the Smart Cupper™️ a perfect recovery tool for various areas such as the back, shoulder, hips, hamstring and calves. You can carry it around and enjoy a massage anywhere and anytime.

Easy To Use

A simple touch on the control panel frees you from exhausting hand manipulation. Now you can enjoy a massage effortlessly. The Smart Cupper™️ device is now being used by massage therapists, chiropractors, coaches, athletes and other individuals.

If you're new to cupping therapy, the Smart Cupper™️ is the best choice for you as it handles everything for you without you, handling the alcohol-soaked cotton ball that is set aflame or the pumps used to vacuum the cups.

Should I use several devices at the same time?

To maximize your smart cupping benefits, we suggest applying several of our devices for simultaneous function, saving time and enhancing the effectiveness of the session.


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