ComfyPillows® Knee Pillow

ComfyPillows® Knee Pillow

ComfyPillows® Knee Pillow

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Do you have trouble sleeping because of knee or hip pain?
Does your back pain keep waking you up at night?

You already know how painful arthritic knees can get at night and accidentally knocking already sore knees together can keep you up most of the night.

Now, with the ComfyPillows® Knee Pillow, sleepless nights can become a thing of the past. Not only does it provide support for your knees, but it can also help maintain better alignment of your hips and back. Perfect for back sleepers and a "must-have" for side sleepers.

Designed For Pain Relief

Not every knee pain is the same however, we know many knee conditions can be helped with proper support. It is the ideal support for the following:

    • Mild Arthritis
    • Severe Arthritis
    • Knee Stiffness
    • Waking up with Knee Pain
    • Back Pain at night
    • Outer Hip Pain
  • Knee Tenderness
  • Cartilage Injuries
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Recovering from Surgery* (if advised by your consultant)

Secure and Stable

The ComfyPillows® Knee Pillow features a soft strap that keeps it in place even if you toss and turn during the night. You can finally fall asleep feeling supported and wake up feeling refreshed.

Multi-position Use

Whether positioned between your thighs, calves, knees, or ankles, it promotes better blood circulation and reduces pain points.

Easy To Clean

The breathable, zippered cover is simple to remove and machine wash, ensuring your pillow remains fresh.


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